Manith Hun: Political Deal by End April is Out of Reach

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Mr. Rainsy and Mr. Sokha. Who is the Judas?

PHNOM PENH, (Khmer Times) –  The Deputy Cabinet Director of the Prime Minister, Mr. Manith Hun has rejected Mr. Sam Rainsy’s claim that  he had hopes that a deal can be reached with Prime Minister Hun Sen to end the country’s eight-month political deadlock as early as this Friday.
“I don’t think there will be another round of negotiations by the end of this month between the Ruling Party and the Opposition. If the Opposition leaders wanted to negotiate and resolve the issue, they won’t be traveling abroad. 
“Furthermore, Mr. Rainsy needs an approval from his deputy before coming to another  round of negotiations with the CPP. If they don’t really speak in one voice, contrary to what they said publicly, then there is no point to start another round of negotiations,” he said when talking to Khmer Times.
Mr. Hun added: “The opposition are  in fact playing “Good Cop and Bad Cop” with the Cambodian public and the CPP. They are playing hard to get as they assume that the CPP government will get bankrupt by the end of May.”

Is there political will within the CNRP for a breakthrough?
Meanwhile, a CNRP source that is close Mr. Rainsy told Khmer Times that the President, Mr. Rainsy  and his deputy chief, Mr. Kem Sokha,  are trying to put the blame on the Prime Minister and the CPP for causing the negotiations to  fail time and again.
“As of right now, even if there is a consensus, our leader, Mr. Rainsy  will not come back before his schedule which is 29th of April, contrary to what he posted in his social network,” the official said, declining identity for fear of reprisal.
He is also  clearly dejected and frustrated with the CNRP leaders for the belligerence during the talks as well as the lack of political will and goodwill.  
In addition, he  accused the CNRP leaders of radicalizing the trade unions and hijacking the garment factory workers genuine demand for wage hike and politicizing it, thus making it almost impossible for the unions and the ruling party to come to a favorable and workable agreement.
“This agreement is not meant for the CPP or the CNRP or the Royal Government. Its for the people. The Cambodians and we should be ashamed of hijacking this for political capital,” the official stressed

Voters lining to cast their ballots
Mr. Rainsy traveled to the Netherlands last Sunday where he is expected to “discuss the current political situation” with leaders from liberal parties around the world, as well as to meet with Cambodians living abroad, Men Sothavrith, a lawmaker from CNRP is quoted as saying.
Rainsy is also quoted in his Face Book page  as saying: “I can come back any time, if there is an important event requiring my presence.” 
On his Facebook page, Rainsy also indicated that a deal could be reached by the end of the New Year, which is celebrated April 14-16.
“We will work together to bring a change for this New Year—the change that the people have demanded,” the opposition leader posted.
“We will work to achieve our goals, including protecting our territory, fighting corruption and deforestation, and providing justice to victims of land disputes and other social injustices.”
Mr. Hun said that these were all lies meant to deceive the masses as Mr. Rainsy is fully aware that the Prime Minister has a busy schedule and official visits to bring development to Cambodia while the CNRP leaders are traveling the world to deceive  and tarnish Cambodia’s image.

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