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Heang Chhunheng showcases a flying video camera at the International IT, Electronics and Telecom Expo on Sunday on Diomond Island. (KT Photo: Julie Masis)

PHNOM PENH, Nov. 16, (Khmer Times) – Geeks in Cambodia, a blog that was created a year ago to bring attention to local technology start-ups, is attracting more interest from foreign investors.
According to Adrienne Ravez, a co-founder of the blog, the website’s audience has grown by 70 percent in its first year, mainly because of more visitors from outside Cambodia. 

 “In the beginning, we had an audience only in Cambodia, but now we started to have a very strong regional audience – mostly from Singapore, Vietnam, and recently we started to have a lot of audience from Malaysia as well. (…) I assume they are investors,” she said. 
The number of people working for Geeks in Cambodia has also increased from three to eight, Ravez said. 
Geeks in Cambodia was one of the presenters at the first International IT, Electronics and Telecom Expo, which took place on Diamond Island over the weekend. 
The Expo was dedicated mostly to foreign products – such as computers, automobiles, telephones, washing machines and refrigerators. There was also a remote-controlled flying video camera that looks like a helicopter with four propellers and blinking lights (so don’t mistake it for a UFO if you see it cruising Cambodia’s skies).

Ravez said she was a bit disappointed that the Expo didn’t showcase any local products, such as from the company that makes prototypes for 3D printers.
“I’m very confident that maybe next year we’ll see more home-grown products here,” she said. Maybe they didn’t have access to information so they didn’t know about this event.” 
To read the Geeks in Cambodia blog, visit http://geeksincambodia.com.

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