US court dismisses final case

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The judge in the United States who last month dismissed a case against Hun Manet, the prime minister’s eldest son, has also dismissed a related case against the Kingdom of Cambodia, according to court records.
During a telephone hearing last week to determine the fate of the case against the Kingdom of Cambodia, Judge George Wu of the Federal Court for California said the case could not legally proceed in his court and must be dismissed.
Christopher Beres, the legal adviser to Mr Manet, said: “When the Federal Court for California dismissed the case against General Manet, who was a co-defendant in the case, it lost jurisdiction over Cambodia.
“Under US law, cases involving foreign sovereigns without co-defendants can only be addressed by the Federal Court for the District of Columbia. So, because the judge had no authority over Cambodia, he had to dismiss the case on procedural grounds.
“At an earlier proceeding, the judge intimated that he doubted the case against Cambodia could proceed at all based on US case law, which supports Cambodia’s position that, as a foreign sovereign, it is immune from suit.”
Mr Beres added that he did not think the plaintiffs would try to take further action. “I don’t believe the plaintiffs will attempt to initiate another case against Cambodia, considering that they’ve lost this case at every junction, both against General Manet and Cambodia,” he told Khmer Times.
“If the plaintiffs were to attempt similar shenanigans in the future, the protocol would be for Cambodia’s Foreign Ministry to officially assert Cambodia’s sovereignty to the US State Department or to send an attorney to the Federal Court for the District of Columbia to do so.”

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