Cambodian rice a big hit in China

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Cambodian milled rice is becoming increasingly popular in China. KT/Chor Sokunthea

A senior official in China’s biggest import and export commodity center has praised the quality of Cambodian rice and called for more agricultural products – mainly milled rice – to be sold on the Chinese market.
“Cambodia’s milled rice here has become very popular among Chinese consumers because our main daily consumption is rice,” said Franklin Gnwang, vice general manager of the largest Import and Export Commodity Center (IECC) in Changsha city in Hunan province.
“It sells very well here because your quality is very high.”
Mr. Gnwang, told Khmer Times in Changsha city that after Cambodian fragrant milled rice became available for sale in his center last year, many Chinese people supported the product because of its quality compared with imports from other neighboring countries.
“Cambodian milled rice prices were a bit higher than prices from Thailand and Laos but Chinese people were still buying more Cambodian milled rice due to the good quality.
“We welcome more Cambodian rice to be available for sale here. We do hope to see more Cambodian products and Cambodian milled rice imported to Changsha,” he said.
In October last year, China signed an MoU with Cambodia to import rice with an export quota of 200,000 metric tons.
Mr. Yoy Jiade, an official of the Hunan Jiade Group which owns the IECC said that Cambodian products are at the early stage entering the Chinese market and he hopes to see more imports as Cambodian milled rice is very popular in China.
“I think right now Cambodia is paving the way,” he said.
“In the future we are looking about 1,700 different commodities into our zone. Of course your milled rice is already displayed here and we will make sure that your product is very popular.
“I call on your businesses to come to do business here or to look for partners to do business with.
“Every year we organize 15 to 16 business activities to allow all business people to come together.
“In the middle of next month there is going to be another event, an exhibition of global commodities so business people from around the world will display their products here.”
 Mr. Yoy said Cambodian businesses can rent space in the center to display products directly or they can cooperate with a local partner to promote more Cambodian products in China.
He said his center also provides tax incentives for foreign business people.
“We welcome all business people from foreign countries to be here because we provide the whole chain of services from transport to customs clearance, land, air and sea transport and warehousing within our import-export free trade zone.
“I would like your business people to come together to rent a display booth to interact with local customers.
“Of course, you can also cooperate with a local partner as we have a preferential policy for them,” he added.
Mr. Gnwang said, “I think your export volume of 100,000 metric tons per year to the Chinese market is very small so we want to import more rice from Cambodia.”
Cambodia exported 46,387 metric tons of milled rice to China in the first two months of 2017, up 127 percent over the same period last year.
China is the top buyer of Cambodian rice, followed by France, Poland, Britain and the Netherlands, the Agriculture Ministry said.   

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