Ministry chided over factories

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Cambodian factory workers need better workplace protection. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An has ordered the Industry Ministry to be stricter in its implementation and monitoring of industry and technical standards to ensure the safety of workers involved.
Ms. Sam An, who is also Minister of the National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspections chided the ministry for its lax approach to technical standards.
“Take stronger action on factories and production industries that practice illegal methods and that don’t respect technical standards and industry safety. They can cause problems to both people and property,” she said.
“I also want the ministry, including relevant national and sub-national level agencies, to cooperate with each other in inspecting factories to prevent issues like food poisoning which is a result of carelessness or ignorance of the law,” she added.
National Trade Unions Coalition president Far Saly lauded Ms. Sam An’s message and hoped that the ministry would increase its efforts to monitor garment factories as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.
“When our country has stricter labor laws, only then can employees work in better conditions, receive their labor rights and also work in a safe environment,” he said.
There have been four boiler explosions in the last month, killing at least four people, which authorities have attributed to improper handling of equipment.
 The Labor Ministry has since instructed all factories with such gas-fueled boilers to ensure safety standards are adhered to.
Food poisoning cases, on the other hand, are also common in Cambodia due to poor food sanitation practices as well as the unregulated usage of chemicals in produce.

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