Dispute adjudication in sight

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The Ministry of Labor is drawing up a draft law to allow for adjudication of labor disputes.
Labor Minister Ith Samheng said a working group had been discussing a draft law for three months and would try to have a complete plan in 12 months.
“This draft law called Procedural Law Adjudication of Labor Disputes is not a labor court. There is a labor court already in our court system,” he said.
“It is a way to adjudicate labor disputes.”
Mr. Samheng said attempts would have to be made to resolve disputes among the parties in the workplace.
The next stage would be intervention by labor inspectors. After that, the case would go to the Arbitration Council and if in the end the dispute cannot not be solved, it would go to the court.
The 2016 Progress Report on the Cambodia Decent Work Country Program compiled by the International Labor Organization said collective disputes fell by about 40 percent from 2015 to 2016, a drop from 217 to 134 cases.
The ability of ministry conciliators to resolve disputes and settle strikes fell from 55 to 50 percent and from 75 to 66 percent respectively.

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