TRC curbs phone service offers

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A new deadline has been set for mobile operators Cellcard, Smart and Metfone to stop their promotional money exchange program by March 30, according to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication. 
More than a month of tough price competition has led to fears of a big impact on the quality of service for consumers.
The fierce competition also is aimed at crippling rivals. It is feared that this will affect consumers, the national income and other companies investing in the telecommunication sector.
On Thursday, Posts and Telecommunication Minister Tram Iv Tek, met all the mobile operators and ministries affected.
He said the operators must improve their quality of service and reconsider their promotions to bring in transparent and competitive pricing.
Mr. Iv Tek also asked the Telecommunication Regulator of Cambodia (TRC) to work with Smart, Cellcard and Metfone to stop their promotions by the end of this month. 
“The strong competition within the mobile operators company will impact the quality of service for consumers,” Mr. Iv Tek said.
“It will affect high-tech investors and those expanding their network, and tax income for the national budget annually.
“And in the long run it is not sustainable.” 
TRC spokesman Im Vutha said previously that there are fears that promotions in which, for example, $100 worth of internet service might be offered for a $1 top-up, could be deemed as grossly misleading. 
He added such promotions could drive out weaker competitors faced with having to match loss-making offers.
Mr. Vutha said the TRC would seek a compromise from the companies.

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