Women With Clout: Dr. Phit Veasna – Dentist

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A dentist who will give you a good smile.     (KT Photo: Author)
PHNOM PENH, (Khmer Times) – Behind that drill is a 35 year old woman who doesn’t look a day over 21. According to Dr. Veasna, “I am a dentist, specialized in orthodontics. I can help people get a good smile, with shiny, straight teeth. It is rewarding to be able to see the change from someone who had a bad mouth to person with a good one. Having a good smile gives people more confidence.”
How to grow up to be a dentist
The oldest of three sisters, she is from the Staung district of Kompong Thom province.
In 1997 there were only public universities. Furthermore, the competition was stiff: of the 300 to 400 students who wrote the exam only 20 received scholarships. And Dr. Veasna was one of them. She was 18 and at that time there were very few dentists, particularly in the provinces.
To go from Staung district to study in the capital was a big step. Dr. Veasna moved outside her comfort zone and into dentistry.
She confesses, “At first I didn’t want to study dentistry, but the only other choices were economics and biology. But by the second year, however, all of that changed as I really enjoyed the lab work. I think that is what influenced me to concentrate on cosmetic dentistry.”
“I don’t like to do surgery. I can do it if I have to, but I don’t like blood and it is not my first choice.”
Further study
A model adult learner, Dr. Veasna studies every day to keep up with the latest practices and techniques. “We constantly need to keep learning and to study. With technology, things are constantly changing and it is very important that we keep up-to-date.”
Her continuing education includes everything from going to France for a 10 week course in 1999 – when she was a second-year student – to attending a workshop in Sydney in 2014.  In between she attended workshops and conferences in Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Thailand, America and Singapore. 
What does she have to say about young women who want to become dentists? 
“If you want to be a dentist you have to be prepared to work hard. Don’t expect to have a social life.”
“I married after I graduated and have a seven-year old daughter. Even now I find it difficult to juggle work and being a mother. My daughter goes to day-care and I also rely on my mother and my mother-in-law to help.”
Why Roomchang?
Since she graduated in 2004, Dr Veasna has been working at Roomchang Dental & Aesthetic Hospital. 
“Thanks to my mentor, Dr. Tith Hong Yoeu, Director of Roomchang Dental & Aesthetic Hospital, for personally guiding me since the beginning. The team have always been supportive and understanding. That is the main catalyst transforming me into who I am today. Moreover, Roomchang has provided me with mental and financial support to ensure I grow endlessly. This includes everthing  from participating in in-house training and seminars to international workshops and conferences, both locally and abroad,” she notes.
“I really enjoy working at Roomchang,” she continues. “We have international standards and an increasing number of foreigners are coming to get their dental work done at our hospital. The staff are very friendly and the hospital is well managed from the top down.”
“For me it is important that I get to work with the patients from the time they arrive until they leave with a good smile.”

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