Murder Of American Sparks Speculation

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William Glenn murdered.
PHNOM PENH: (Khmer Times) – A day after the body of American William Glenn was found by a young boy in a pile of trash, questions about his saga are surfacing. 
On forums in Phnom Penh, both sympathy and suspicion were voiced as people try to piece together this tragic tale.  
Those who worked with him doubt that there was local involvement given the information that he divulged to them about the life he left in Thailand only months ago. The method of disposing of the body also points to premeditation as opposed to a robbery gone wrong, as may have been the case with the recently murdered Dutch family.
Speculation about a relationship gone wrong is rampant on the expat forums. Dumping a body in a visible place, guarantees it is found quickly and ensures payment should it be a contracted death.
Lieutenant Colonel Mom Sitha, municipal foreign police chief said; “The reports are not correct. This victim was not strangled. He was suffocated.” Police chief of Por Sen Chey district, Khim Sarann, said Mr Glenn had been dead for over 24 hours when discovered, further pointing to a planned attack.
In a situation familiar one with indigenous peoples of the world, there is now fear of the man’s ghost haunting an otherwise peaceful village.
Officials now are tight lipped about the investigation as the documents have been handed over to the municipal police to continue the investigation. They do not want to release any sensitive evidence that may hamper in their search for suspects.
Mr Glenn only recently arrived in Phnom Penh and was continuing his career as a teaches. He was not well known to co-workers, but one commented that he was burned-out after being in the profession for so long. He appears to have been hoping to move to China for summer sessions before he was killed.

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