Former Grade A Students Share Their Wisdom Ahead of Bac II Exam

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Ren Sokpich shares his study tips to high shool students. KT/Srey Kumneth

To help students prepare for next month’s examination, Chan Pichet and Ren Sokpich, two of the 11 students who received an A grade in 2014, shared their exam preparation advice with students at Pra Sat Sen Sok High School during the “Youth Way” event on Saturday.

The “Youth Way” program was organized by Prince Finance Plc in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth, Education and Sport and the Ministry of Environment to give students an opportunity to benefit from the experience and knowledge of outstanding former students. Another program organized by the group, “Prince for Green,” aims to plant 140 trees and teach students about waste disposal.

Mr. Pichet, a former Grade A student from Kampong Chhnang province who scored 100 on the exam, said that the first and most important priority in exam preparation is setting goals and committing yourself to achieving them.

“Balance your study time among the various subjects; we have to be aware of our abilities and divide our time effectively to cover each subject. Also, we have to keep doing our practice exercises and listening carefully to seniors and teachers to get their tips. Last but not least, study with your good friends,” Mr. Pichet told the students.
Mr. Sokpich, a former Grade A student from Kandal province who scored 99.99, told the students that failure never stopped him. He failed the Grade 9 outstanding student examination, but it only made him try harder.

“Everyone has their own study habits, because we live in different environments and have different family situations. So, we have to know our strengths and weaknesses. We learn from others to overcome our weaknesses,” he said.

Mr. Pichet and Mr. Sokpich shared the view that each subject requires a different approach.

For physics, Mr. Pichet explained that students should first  remember all the formulas and  understand the lessons after that. Then students should do the exercises and remember study tips.

Mathematics is different, Mr. Sokpich said. Students have to be well prepared. Starting to study it when you are in Grade 12 is a bit late because the subject is complex. What you learn in Grade 12 has a foundation in what you learned back in secondary school. Students have to know the basics well if they want to be good at it.

But when it comes to social studies, these can be learned in a shorter period of time. After the ministry announces which subjects will be on the exam, normally they  have one month to review the  lessons, Mr. Sokpich said. We can read and remember the lessons within one month.

Both Mr. Pichet and Mr. Sokpich encouraged students to use their time wisely and to never give up hope. Those who are well prepared, they said, should keep on practicing and reviewing. Those who have not yet begun their preparations should start now and try harder.

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