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Wednesday 18th 
@ The Empire, #34, Street 130
4:00pm THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) A must see movie for Cambodia
6:30pm THE STANFORD PRISON EXPERIMENT (2015) In 1971 Stanford’s Professor Zimbardo conducts a psychology experiment in which students pretend to be either prisoners or guards. But things soon get out of hand. Billy Crudup stars in a chillingly thought-provoking historical drama.
8:30pm BONE TOMAHAWK (2015) (NEW) Four men set out in the Wild West to rescue a group of captives from cannibalistic cave dwellers. Kurt Russell, Richard Jenkins, Matthew Fox & Patrick Wilson give gripping performances in this witty fusion of western, horror & comedy
@ Meta House, #37 Sothearos Boulevard.
4PM: ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE (2009, 93 min) is a personal journey into the heart of darkness by Khmer journalist Thet Sambath, whose family was wiped out in the Killing Fields. From the foot soldiers who slit throats to Pol Pot’s right-hand man Noun Chea, Sambath records shocking testimony never heard before.
Thursday 19th
@ The Empire, #34, Street 130
4:00pm THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) A must see movie for Cambodia
6.30pm NO ESCAPE (NEW) In a new Southeast Asian home, a US family finds themselves in the middle of a coup, & frantically look for a safe escape from an environment where foreigners are being executed. Controversial thriller previously banned in Cambodia, starring Owen Wilson & Pierce Brosnan
8.30pm LISTEN TO ME MARLON (NEW) Actor Marlon Brando reveals personal thoughts on audio tape, offering an intimate insider insight into his life & career. A fascinating new film that utilizes hundreds of hours of audio that Marlon Brando recorded himself over the course of his life
Friday 20th 
@ The Empire, #34, Street 130
4:00pm THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) A must see movie for Cambodia
6:30pm AMERICAN ULTRA (NEW) A stoner – in fact a secret government agent – is targeted for extermination. But he’s too well-trained & too high for them to handle. Jesse Eisenberg & Kristen Stewart in a fun action comedy
8:30pm STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE (1977) Luke Skywalker joins forces with a Jedi Knight, a cocky pilot, a wookie & two droids to rescue Princess Leia from the evil Darth Vader. George Lucas’ all time classic Space Opera
@ Meta House, #37 Sothearos Boulevard.
4PM: SIERRA LEONE’S  REFUGEE ALL STARS (2005, 80 min). – After civil war breaks out in Sierra Leone in 1991, thousands flee to the nearby country of Guinea. At a refugee camp, guitarist Francis Langba meets singer Reuben M. Koroma and his wife, Grace, and the three begin playing together. 
7PM: SCARED SACRED (2004, 105 min) is a critically acclaimed documentary that takes audiences on a journey to the “Ground Zeros” of the world, searching for stories of hope and significance. During his five-year odyssey, award-winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper travels to the killing fields of Cambodia, war-torn Afghanistan, the toxic wasteland of Bhopal, post-9/11 New York, Bosnia, Hiroshima and others. 
@Institut français du Cambodge, 218 rue 184
The Little Prince (2015) 5pm
This is the story of a story. This is the story of an audacious and curious little girl, who lives in an adult world. This is the story of an eccentric and mischievous pilot,who never really grew up. This is the story of the Little Prince, who is going to bring them together in a fabulous adventure.
Saturday 21st
@ The Empire, #34, Street 130
1:30pm THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) A must see movie for Cambodia
4:00pm THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (1980) After the rebels have been overpowered by the Empire on a new base, Luke Skywalker takes advanced Jedi training, while his friends are pursued by Darth Vader. George Lucas’ 1st Star Wars sequel continues our countdown to the new movie. Kids: $1.50
6:30pm NO ESCAPE (NEW) See above (Thursday)
8:30pm AMY (2015) Archival footage & personal testimonials present an intimate portrait of the life and career of British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse. Highly acclaimed documentary from director Asif Kapadia
@ Meta House, #37 Sothearos Boulevard.
4PM: WHEEL OF TIME (2003, 80 min). Each year, thousands of Buddhist pilgrims travel to the village of Bhod Gaya in India (the place where the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment) to take part in the Kalachakra Initiation. As the visitors stream into Bhod Gaya, many traveling on foot and often stopping to prostrate themselves as a sign of devotion, a team of monks create a beautiful and intricate sand painting on Mount Kallash, which is scattered to the winds by the Dalai Lama at the end of the 12-day celebration as a symbol of the impermanence of existence. 
7PM: YANGON CALLING: PUNK IN MYANMAR (2012, 60 mins, Engl.) introduces the main protagonists of the punk rock scene and shows their life in Myanmars’s underground. During six weeks, the filmmakers Alexander Dluzak and Carsten Piefke filmed secretly and without authorization in Yangon, using small cameras. 
7PM: CARTEL LAND (2015, 98 min) is a riveting, on-the-ground look at the journeys of two modern-day vigilante groups and their shared enemy – the murderous Mexican drug cartels. In the Mexican state of Michoacán, Dr. Jose Mireles, a small-town physician known as “El Doctor,” leads the Autodefensas, a citizen uprising against the violent “Knights Templar” drug cartel that has wreaked havoc on the region for years. Meanwhile, in Arizona’s Altar Valley – a narrow, 52-mile-long desert corridor known as Cocaine Alley – Tim “Nailer” Foley, an American veteran, heads a small paramilitary group called Arizona Border Recon, whose goal is to stop Mexico’s drug wars from seeping across the border.
@ Bophana Centre, 64, 200 Oknha Men
When the Floods Recede. 5pm 
57 min, 2002, English version. The documentary describes fisheries in the Tonle Sap Great Lake. It also reveals the daily life of fishermen and their challenges.
@Institut français du Cambodge, 218 rue 184
Short films for kids from 3 years old, with subtitled in Khmer. 10am
As part of a series of screenings dedicated to animated movies, the French Institute will present eight short animated films for kids produced by the French studio Folimage.
Oggy & the Cockroaches (2013) 5pm 
Ever since the world was born, two forces have been locked in perpetual battle. Their struggle is so Manichean, so ferocious, and so Herculean that it makes the clash between good and evil look like a game of checkers! This ancestral duel is so ancient and so merciless that it can only be, Oggy against the Cockroaches!
@ The Empire, #34, Street 130
1:30pm THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) A must see movie for Cambodia
4:00pmTHE LADY (2011) The daughter of a martyred Burmese general returns to her homeland and becomes a proponent of democracy. The story of Aung San Suu Kyi, played by Michelle Yeoh in this Luc Besson directed film
6:30pm NASTY BABY (NEW) Two gay men & a nurse contend try to conceive a baby together as things take a dark turn. Kristen Wiig stars with director Sebastián Silva in an offbeat drama with lots of brilliantly dark surprises
8:30pm AMERICAN ULTRA (2015) See above (Friday))
@ Meta House, #37 Sothearos Boulevard.
4PM: FORSAKEN LAND (2005, 108 min). Some films offer up their mysteries openly; others, like this quietly affecting debut by then 27-year-old Vimukthi Jayasundara, keep their secrets close, revealing them gradually shot by shot, scene by scene. Even though it won the Camera d’Or at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival, the film was banned in its home country by the UPFA Government of Mahinda Rajapakse in tandem with the Sri Lankan military. 
7PM: CAMBODIA DREAMS (2009, 90 min) is an amazing film in more ways than one. Apart from being made against all odds in a politically volatile country, it achieved the miraculous feat of ‘connecting’ a mother and daughter, living on either side of the border, who did not even know, they existed. The movie chronicles the parallel lives of one family, half of whom went to one of the refugee camps in Thailand, while the other half stayed in their village in Cambodia. 
9PM: URGA (1991, 109 min) provides insight into the effects the encroachment of modernisation has had upon the tradition-based lives of the hardy steppe farmers. The tale centres on the relationship between one farmer and a Russian truck driver who nearly drowns after crashing his rig into a lake. The farmer, who was on his way into town to procure birth control, rescues the trucker and brings him home. For the Russian, it is a strange new world that at times borders on the surreal.
Monday 23rd
@ The Empire, #34, Street 130
4:00pm THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) A must see movie for Cambodia
8:30pm GABRIEL (NEW) Following his release from a mental hospital, an unstable young man defies his family and goes in search of his childhood sweetheart. Rory Culkin stars in an impressive dark drama
Tuesday 24th
@ The Empire, #34, Street 130
4:00pm THE KILLING FIELDS (1984) A must see movie for Cambodia
6.30pm NO ESCAPE (2015) See above (Thursday)
8.30pm CLASSIC: REFLECTIONS IN A GOLDEN EYE (1967) An Army major struggles with homosexual desires while living at a 40’s U.S. Army post with a lusty wife. Marlon Brando & Elizabeth Taylor star in a bizarre tale of sex, betrayal & perversion at a military post. Directed by John Huston
@ Meta House, #37 Sothearos Boulevard.

Wednesday 11th
Sunset Cruise
@ Kanika Boat, Preah Sisowath 
Daily from Tuesday to Sunday, the Kanika takes you on a sunset cruise from 5pm to 6.20pm.Cruise only is 7$ per pax
@ Pontoon Pulse, Street 172.
Dj Lefty 12 till 3am 
Open Mic
@ Showbox – # 11, Street 330. 8pm
Come down to either participate in the musical jam or just sit back & listen 
Mario Kart!
@ Eluvium, 205A, Street 19.
Put your skills to the test in our Mario Kart Wii tournament. We’ve got 4 Wii remotes, 2 nunchuk controllers, and a 6 meter screen!
Miss Sarawan acoustic duo 
@FCC Phnom Penh, Street 178. 7pm 
Cambodian Living Arts III
@ Doors, Street 47 & 84, Phnom Penh
Showcase for Cambodia’s leading arts NGO. 
Thursday 12th
@  #13 Street 456, Tuol Tompoung
7.30pm – 9.30pm 
A co-ed sport for expats and locals to throw balls at each other, laugh together, meet new people, and get great exercise all at the same time! 
@ Eluvium, 205A, Street 19.
7pm till 10pm 
Sing your heart out at our karaoke night! Grab a free beer or soda for jumping on stage
Future Shock 
@ The Room, #10 St.246. 8pm – 1am 
Electronica /electro with Lord Ritchie of Essexmere. 2-4-1 on beers and mixed spirits 8-10pm
No Problem Disco 
@ Pontoon Pulse, Street 172.
Jack Malipan 12pm till 3am 
Ladies “Dance Hall” Night
@ Sharky’s Bar, Street 130. 9pm
9pm. With DJ Niko. Niko Yu is a Korean DJ and Producer from Denmark. He is the official tour DJ of New York-based rapper Afu-Ra (Gangstarr Foundation). 
Apero Mix
@Simone Bistro & Art, Street 93, Boeung Kak. 7.30pm
DJane Sopheak Sao and Norah Haidee with smooth after work sounds. 
WIG Women International Group
@Java Café, Sihanouk Boulevard. 
Meets for Coffee Morning Every Thursday. 
@ Showbox – # 11, Street 330. 8pm
Wat A Gwaan
@ Duplex, Street 278
MC Kaztet Dee with Kcm Nayabinghi on percussion for a night of Reggae roots, New Roots, Dub and more. 8pm
Friday 13th
Friday Sessions
@ Top Banana, #9E0 Corner of Street 278 & Street 51
MC Kaztet Dee and members of Wat A Gwaan familia play the very best in dub, jungle and bass. 9pm on. 
Club Bangerz 
@ Pontoon, Street 172
11pm – 5am. DJ GANG & DJ FUNKII PRO
Funking Friday 
@ Soho Pub, Street 19 on the corner of 154
8pm till 1am 
40 Thieves Sound system Djz : Alan Ritchie, Dr Wah Wah & Dj Bree on rotation every week playing the best in funk, soul, disco, rare grooves & hip hop
Creem Mixology Weekend. 
@Chinese House, #45 Sisowath Quay
See page 4 for details. 
Comedy Club 30
@ Showbox, Street 330
See page 4 for details. 
@ The Taproom, 1748 National Road 5
You can’t go wrong with this weekly event (with food on first Friday of every month) with unlimited draught beer & Cider for $7.
Singing Night
@Simone Bistro & Art, Street 93, Boeung Kak
From 8pm. Karaoke night at this popular venue. 
Seafood Buffet
@Himawari, Sisowath Quay
Weekend Seafood Buffet (Fridays and Saturdays), freshest seafood, local Khmer dishes, delectable desserts. $21++, from 6 – 10pm.
Open Mic Night
@ The Solid’s Bar, #17, 172 St, Phnom Penh. 
Show off your talent, or lack of it, at Solid’s open mic night. Leaning towards 70s and 80s rock.
Rob Bianchetti. 
@ The Room, #10 St.246. 9pm till 1am 
Disco and tech/funk
Chi Town Players 
@ Sharky’s Bar, Street 130. 9pm 
Chicago Blues.
@ Meta House, #37, Sothearos Boulevard. 9pm
Performances by Electrick Universe feat. Audio Mainline and Invisible Agent. DJs Antaro & Andy Freak.
RJ Marshall 
@ Alley Cat Café, #42, Street 19z
Live music from 7pm. 
Joe Wrigley & The Jumping Jacks
@Bassac Lane. 8.30pm 
Saturday 14th
Rock the Bells with DJ ROCKIT& DJ ILLEST.
@Pontoon, Street 172 
11pm – 5am
Tech Lounge @Pontoon Pulse , Street 172
11pm-5am :DJ Flo & Friends
Bollywood Dance Class
@ Dance World Cambodia, #114, level 1. Corner Street 136 & 19, Duan Penh
10.30am. Ever wanted to imitate those sophisticated dances you see in Bollywood films? Now is your chance!
Salsa Phnom Penh 
@ Doors, No18, Street 84 & 47 Sangkat Srass Chork
8:30 pm
Awesome Salsa evening so come down to Doors for slick and sexy moves.
Soul Shakedown
The Room, #10 St.246. 8pm till 1am
2-4-1 on beers and mixed spirits
Mekong Messengers
@ Sharky’s Bar, Street 130. 9pm
Americana (Country, Rockabilly, Blues, Soul)
Red Hot Chilli Party
@ Night Moves Bar, #49, Street 172
6PM until late. Free Food and some big prizes to give away. Free Tequila shot on arrival
Dress in red and get hot and sweaty with us!
@ Eluvium, 205A, Street 19. 
Catch DJ Niko Yu’s mellow urban vibes. 8pm till 10.30pm 
Cambodia Rocks
@ Meta House, #37, Sothearos Boulevard. 8.30pm (see page 4 for details) 
Dub Addiction 
@ The Mansion, Street 178. 8.30pm 
Popular Phnom Penh based reggae band. 
Sunday 15th   
Kids Day Out!
@Rustic Lounge, Corner 178 & 19. 10am till 3pm 
Free 3 hours of supervised entertainment for the kids – clowns, magician, facepainting etc. Kids meals will be available for purchase. Great Food Menu. Buy 1 Cocktail get 1 free (not for the kids)
Phnom Penh Hash House Harriers
Cross country running and walking through fields, farms and foliage. $5 for expats, $3 for Khmers Fees included all bottled water, cool drinks and beer. Meet every Sunday 2:10pm at the railway station; truck leaves at 2:30pm sharp.
@ Pontoon Pulse, Street 172.
12 till 3am. DJ Shaman
Open Mic Night 
@ Sharky’s Bar, Street 130
9pm. Phnom Penh’s # 1 Open Mic Night takes place at Sharkys. 
Monday 16th
Oskar Bistro 
159 Sisowath Quay. 7.30pm to 12midnigh. Alan Ritchie playing soul, funk, Nu-jazz and disco. 
@ Pontoon Pulse, Street 172.
DJ Rob Little – Midnight till 3am
Tuesday 17th  
Soul Sonic Groove
@ Pontoon Pulse, Street 172
Midnight till 4am 
Alan Ritchie and DJ Bree play soul, funk, breaks & old school hip hop.
Wednesday 18th
Yangon in Transition [Past & Present] by David Richards
@The Plantation – Urban Resort & Spa, #28, street 184 
Till 1st December 
6pm – 9p. Over 60 paintings of Burmese heritage buildings and contemporary life scene
Psychedelic Jungle. 
@ Samai Distillery, 9b, Street 830. 
Indonesian contemporary art.
‘Species_Spaces’ international group show
@ Lop Loy, Sreet 182 , entrance corner St 107 N° 217-218 – House 33 – 3rd Floor
“The Flow” by Masha Teplukhina
@ Russian Center of Science and Culture in Phnom Penh, No. 103, Preah Norodom Blvd
Daily till 3rd December 
Kazak artist, Masha, shows an exhibition of acrylic pieces from the last 5 years. Her work will be shown in two different styles: her colorful “circle“collection & her Black & White “Dream” series  (Silver and Gold pen on Black paper). 
Face to Face, Cambodia
@FCC, 363 Sisowath Quay
Daily till November 30th 
A careful selection from the more than two hundred pictures that appear in the book of the same title published in 2010 by the Spanish journalist and photographer Josep Maria San Saturnino. 
Connaitre Le Corbusier
@ Institut Francais, 218 rue 184. 5.30pm (until 30th November)
This exhibition invites you to discover the multiform works of Le Corbusier,.
Thursday 19th
Green Night 
@ Meta House, 37 Sothearos Boulevard. 6pm 
NGOs and social enterprises display their products, brochures etc. in the gallery.
7PM: A RIVER’S TALE – A YEAR ON THE MEKONG. Join multimedia journalists Luc Forsyth, Gareth Bright, and Pablo Chavanel as they present selected stories and issues they discovered on their in-progress year-long journey up the Mekong. After opening words from the project’s funder, the Singaporean-based Lien Aid Foundation, Luc, Gareth and Pablo will give a multimedia presentation of their findings, followed by an open Q&A.
Wat Tu
@ Samai Distillery, #9B Street 830
Through the symbols of war, Thai contemporary artist Jitti Jumnianwai attempts to beautify objec

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