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Man Arrested Over Remork Moto Theft
KANDAL – A man has been arrested after he allegedly stole a remork moto from a man in S’ang district. He was arrested on Sunday over the incident last Tuesday, police said.

They named the man as construction worker Om Sytha, 33, from the capital’s Chbar Ampov district. The owner of the vehicle was Yean Menghong, 18, who delivers vegetables. 

Mr. Menghong said on Tuesday early morning last week he was riding his remork moto and stopped in front of Takhmao Thmey market.

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He left his vehicle and walked into the market. Mr. Sytha was sitting and drinking coffee in a coffee shop near the scene. After seeing Mr. Menghong’s remork moto parked, he walked toward it, started it up and fled the scene.

On Sunday morning, Mr. Menghong and his family rode a motorcycle around looking for the vehicle. When they found Mr. Sytha with the remork, he tried to escape. But local residents stopped him.

He was taken to the police station for questioning.

Woman Arrested Over Platinum Necklace
KAMPONG CHHNANG  – A woman was arrested after she allegedly grabbed a  necklace from a child Sunday evening in Kampong Chhnang city, police said.

They named her as Mom Pheourn, 35, a resident in Toul Kok district in Phnom Penh. 

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Police said that on Sunday evening the victim’s mother, Chan Sokleng, and her family went to see a concert and exhibition at the soccer field in the city.

Ms. Sokleng was walking in the area, carrying her child, when Ms. Pheourn snatched the necklace from the child.

Onlookers shouted and a bystander held the woman until police arrived. Police said they found two platinum necklaces in her possession. They took her in for questioning and are preparing a case.

Man Smashes into Road Dividers
PHNOM PENH  – A man smashed his car into several road dividers in the capital’s Chamkar Mon district early yesterday morning, but fled the scene before police arrived.

Police are searching for him.

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Witnesses said the man was driving a white car north on Monivong Blvd when he lost control.

No one was injured in the incident. Police have impounded the car and are investigating.

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