LD Productions Wants to Make Cambodia Laugh

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Khmer comedies are popular in Cambodia for adults and youth alike

PHNOM PENH (Khmer Times) – “Two Fathers” premiered at the Toul Kork Legend Theater Thursday as the director and stars celebrated the growing popularity of comedy in Khmer films.    With rapid development and the quickening pace of urban life, Cambodians are increasingly seeking films allowing for a light hearted escape. LD Productions is betting that the country is ready for a fun ride—it has produced a dozen successful films to date. 
The company’s newest film, directed by Leak Lyda, is about a kid with two fathers, his actual dad and his godfather.  It’s his second comedy this year, after the successful Nak Leng Chheung Khvey.

The ministries of Labor and Vocational Training and Cult and Religion asked for cuts in the film, which were dutifully made by the company.

At the event, Leak Lyda said, “I am sure that the humor will be well received. Maybe we’ll do a ghost story in September, but I am hopeful that this comedy will be popular for Khmers.”

Khmer movie star and screenwriter Chem Chandara, popularly known as Pakmi said, “It was a little bit hard because of some difficulties in finding and filming locations, and some parts had to be cut due to ministry requirements. I cannot create a love story because my brain just thinks up something crazy to make people laugh. If the ministry doesn’t like us to do something, we will cut some parts, even though it was hard for us.”

The film opens in major cinemas throughout Phnom Penh this weekend.

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