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Smart solutions to common problems in your CV

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It is important to understand that all gaps in a CV have solutions and you do not need to worry about facing your interviewer and explaining yourself.

All you need is good practice and effective and wise preparations when it comes to addressing problematic aspects of your CV.

Gaps in your recent experience

Having gaps in a CV is a major concern for a lot of job seekers. Frequent gaps in your work history may make you appear to be an unreliable employee, leaving employers unwilling to hire you.

Typically, mentioning the last 5-8 years of work experience is considered sufficient. However, you will still need to provide an explanation for any recent gaps. A smart way to explain your gaps is to make your prospective employer understand that you were occupied during that specific period doing something valuable.

Show them that you were engaged in something that could be useful to them, such as volunteer work, research, learning new skills or a language, or attending workshops or courses. Such activities may attract an employer’s attention and appear potentially lucrative to an organisation.

Lack of experience

If you lack experience in the required field, show your potential employers that you are willing to learn and able to learn new skills fast.

Not all qualified individuals have the most appealing experience levels, but showing a prospective employer that you are genuinely interested in your job and a dedicated employee will help you win their attention.

Try your best to convince your prospective boss that you are willing to perform at your optimal level to ensure that you satisfy the requirements of the company, give them the best results and function as a proactive employee.

Dismissed from a job

There is honestly no better way to address having been dismissed than being honest. In order to not damage the impression that your prospective employer has of you, do not blame a dismissal on the previous company. Instead, consider framing it as a learning experience.

There is a high possibility that your employer will understand. Highlight the positive impact that it made on you and show that you have learned from your mistake.

Be honest about it but present your reasons in a way that’s favourable to you. However, if you have good reviews and references from your previous workplaces, do not hesitate to provide them.

Lack of degree/educational qualifications

Success does not necessarily depend on the number of degrees you have or your educational qualifications. If you are questioned about a relevant degree, try highlighting your achievements and work experience.

To give education prominence you can always say that you are either currently studying for a degree programme (if it’s true) that will be useful for the job position, or that you are willing to learn new skills and strategies that will help generate profits for the company.

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