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Workers win their demands

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Nearly 7,000 workers from the Taieasy International garment factory in Pursat province returned to work yesterday after reaching a solution to their labour dispute with the help of provincial authorities.

On Friday, the workers protested in front of the factory, blocking National Road 5.

They demanded better working conditions, including leniency over employee absences, more respect from managers, an end to unjustified firings, permission to create a union and guarantees that pregnant workers who deliver babies would get three paid months off work.

On Tuesday, Pursat Governor Mao Thonin met with the workers and the company to find a solution.

Following talks between the parties, the company agreed to cede to all the workers’ demands.

Che Chaythy, a representative of Taieasy International, said the company accepted the workers’ demands after negotiations.

“The company agreed to what the workers asked to finish this dispute,” he said.

Prime Minister Hun Sen also mentioned the dispute yesterday while speaking with garment workers in Phnom Penh.

“I read their demands and it was not difficult to find a solution,” he said.

“One point was that they needed three months off for pregnant women after giving birth.

The government has already urged this policy and also bonuses for them, plus 120 percent of their wages for those three months off. The company needs to comply.”

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