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Malaria cases on the decline

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
The state wants to eliminate malaria by 2025. KT/Sonny Krishnan

Officials from the Ministry of Health said the numbers of malaria cases was roughly similar in 2017 as it was in 2016.

Authorities only reported one death from malaria this year, but sill called for people to take every possible measure to prevent the disease.

Huy Rekol, director of the National Centre for Parasitology, Entomology and Malaria Control, said last week there were more than 23,000 cases of malaria in 2017, roughly similar to 2016 estimates.

Only one death was reported, but the worker was returning from overseas travel, and could not be saved at the hospital.

“Most of the cases happened at the mountainous border areas, and most of our patients are men who left homes and families to work in the forest,” he said.

Mr Rekol reminded all that malaria is transferred through mosquito bites, and urged all people to use protection.

“People have to know about malaria and how to protect themselves from mosquito bites,” said Mr Rekol. “The CNM still educates and broadcasts how to prevent malaria.”

Mr Rekol said citizens who recently came back from working in border areas or in the forests must take a blood test in their village’s health centre, which is free of charge.

“I want to send a message to all citizens, but especially those who are more likely to be infected with malaria, they have to protect themselves and get tested when they return from working in the forest,” he said.

The Health Ministry hopes to eradicate malaria before 2025.

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