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Police advise money transfer agencies on fraud

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The companies meet with police. Supplied

The National Police held a meeting with ten money transferring companies on Friday to advise them on how to combat fraud as police have seen a spike in fraudulent transfers.

Chhai Sinarith, vice director of the National Police, said that there are ten companies that have licenses to operate money transferring services throughout the country.

Mr Sinarith noted that police have identified six of the ten as the most vulnerable to scams run by criminals and held the meeting to ask that they beef up their security measures.

He identified the six as Wing, True Money, E Money, Ly Hour, Asia and AMK Company.

Mr Sinarith said that criminals cheat people out of money by posing as someone else, as high-ranking officials, through fake lottery scams, and by pleading for help over a non-existent problem.

Police have noticed a spike in transfer fraud. Supplied

He added that police struggle to find the criminals because they use the companies’ services using only phone numbers that are not connected to any identity.

“Those phone numbers do not show identities, and some agencies allow people to come and transfer money while wearing helmets and masks, making it hard for police to identify them,” he said.

The other four companies that took part in the meeting included Smart, Speed Pay, DARApay, and PRASAC microfinance.

Rach Na, a money transferring agent with Wing, said that his agency always bans customers from wearing helmets or masks while transferring or accepting funds.

“We always ask them to take off their helmet and mask when they enter to transfer money in the agency store in case a crime is taking place,” he said.

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