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Couples join blessing festival

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The blessing ceremony promotes the value of peace. Supplied

More than 400 couples met in Battambang city on Sunday vowing to prove their loyalty to each other as a model for future generations to recognize the value of the family.

Dr Chu Song Yong, director of the Universal Peace Federation, said the ceremony aimed to promote the core values of marriage, family and love between spouses who transcend race and religion.

“The pure love project focuses on developing the values of pure love and sexual morality,” he said.

“We want young people to end free sex and extramarital relationships, give people high ethical standards in life that lead families toward success and prosperity in marital life.” During the Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival, the couples drink “peace water” together to remain peaceful, happy and kind in their marriages.

Battambang provincial governor Nguon Ratanak said the blessing ceremony promoted the values of peace in line with the current national peace.

He said that even though the 430 couples did not get married in the same month and had different religious beliefs, the UPF recalled the happy days of marriage with the couples promising to be loyal to each other.

“This is a kind of educational gesture that makes people of different religions meet and get educated together,” he said.

Dr Heng Monychenda, director of Buddhism for development, said there are four principles that Buddhist couples must abide by if they want to live happily together until old age.

The first is to have a similar perspective in work, life and belief. The second is to have the same morals, a similar way of life and behave in society to get along with each other.

The third principle is that sacrifices must be made in the same way and the fourth, couples should have a similar level of intellect.

“Families that are always in disagreement and unfaithful to each other lose the balance of knowledge or one of the four principles,” Dr Monychenda said.

“Marital perspectives and differing outlooks on life will make couples unhappy.”

Battambang and the UPF have held six blessing festivals in 2017, with nearly 3,000 couples having participated.

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