Man arrested for beating niece

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The victim was beaten daily by her uncle. Supplied

Police arrested a man on Tuesday who is suspected of beating his ten-year-old niece.

Police officers were informed of the violence by ABC radio agents, who filed a complaint after being contacted by one of the man’s neighbours in Por Senchey district.

Yos Narin, deputy district penal police chief, identified the suspect as Nuon Chinda, 54, a grocery shop owner. His neighbours said Mr Chinda beat his niece with electrical wires.

“The victim told police her uncle beat her almost every day,” Mr Narin said. “She also said he prevented her from attending school and studying.”

Mr Chinda took his niece from his older sister, who lives in Kompong Cham province, to bring her to stay with him in Phnom Penh and help him with his grocery shop. At the time, the girl was only three years old.

Several neighbours and the victim said Mr Chinda beat her daily. Neighbours finally decided to act and report the abuse, and did so by contacting the ABC radio station.

“The victim shows injuries on several parts of her body,” Mr Narin said, adding police had found the electrical wire allegedly used in the latest severe beating.

When questioned by police, Mr Chinda claimed he sent his niece to a private school, but she decided to stop studying and asked to help around the shop instead.

On the day of the latest abuse, Mr Chinda asked his niece to take a bath. When he found her playing a game on her phone while bathing, he flew into a rage and beat her with the electrical wire.

“The man is now in police custody,” Mr Narin said.  However, when the girl’s parents went to pick up their daughter from the ABC radio station, where she was being cared for by a local NGO, they said they would not file any complaint against Mr Chinda because he took care of their daughter since she was an infant.

Yim Sarann, the district police chief, said he would review the case.

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