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Phnom Penh’s oldest shopping mall gets a new look

Sum Manet / Khmer Times Share:
Guests at the opening of the renovated Sorya Mall. KT/Engly Tuy (Sakura)

It was once Phnom Penh’s first shopping mall, and now the revamped Sorya Center Point has had a $5 million renovation and its owners say it is now a Khmer-foreign mixed mall with new strategies to attract customers and tourists.

The mall first opened in 2003 and was one of the most popular among young Cambodians, but recently some customers lost interest in it as new malls opened in the city.

Pung Kheav Se, the Chairman of Shopping Center Sorya Co, Ltd, said the revamped mall attracted local investors and
the focus was on local customers.

“First the mall was built by our Khmer investor and the marketing was following Khmer ideas. It was not that long when AEON Mall and other malls entered the market, so we lost some of our customers because we still had conservative ideas for our mall,” he said.

“So we invited experts to develop and redesign the mall and did a lot of renovations,” he added.

Chea Sokheak, the CEO of Sorya Center Point, said the mall has two new features, focusing on style and architecture.

“We mixed modern Khmer and foreign designs for the new renovations,” Ms Sokheak said.

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