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Farmers told to use tech

Pech Sotheary / Khmer Times Share:
The use of pesticides can increase crop yields. KT/Mai Vireak

Ministry of Agriculture officials yesterday urged farmers to produce crops using new technologies and make sure they have proper knowledge of pesticides before using them to improve harvests.

Secretary of state Ty Sokun said most of the country’s farmers run small-scale operations.

He said they work mostly to feed their families using their physical strength and a lack of technology.

He urged farmers to become familiar with new technologies that could improve their livelihoods, including machinery, fertilizers and pesticides that could help attain high yields and supply the market.

“Now, farming not only relies on physical strength, but also modern equipment,” he said.

Sean Kosal, a 62-year-old farmer from Takeo province’s Borei Cholsar district, supported Mr Sokun’s comments.

Mr Kosal said his rice crops had in the past been destroyed by pests, but upon learning how to properly use pesticides, he improved his yields.

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