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Authorities storm market, rescue wild animals

Ros Chanveasna / Khmer Times Share:
The meat seized at the market by authorities. Supplied

Military police and forestry administration officials yesterday raided a market in Stung Treng province, making one arrest and confiscating various wild animals and meat from vendors.

Provincial agriculture department chief Leang Seng said his officials cooperated with military police to carry out the raid.​ “We worked with military police to crack down on wild animal trafficking, including bush meat, at the provincial town market. We found three turtles, five lorises and three large monitor lizards,” said Mr Seng.

Mr Seng added the animals were still alive and were going to be released into the wild today.

Mr Seng said 48 kilograms of wild pig and three dried porcupine stomachs were also seized from vendors.

“Those meats and other items will be burned at Stung Treng forestry administration,” Mr Seng said.

“A seller was also arrested during the raid and transferred to the military police command for questioning,” he added, declining to name the person arrested.

Meanwhile, a raid of two houses in Kampong Speu province’s Phnom Srouch district on Monday turned up several wild reptiles and animals, dead and alive, set to be trafficked.

Authorities seized 15 animals, including five pangolins, six soft-shell turtles and four turtles, 14kg of wild pig and 100kg of peacock fur.

Officials reported four pangolins, four turtles and two soft-shell turtles were still alive, but five reptiles, including a pangolin, had been killed. Their bodies were burned.

The two house owners were not arrested, but were fined for trading wildlife illegally.

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