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Khmer Academy app offers video tutorials

Um Chanraksa / Khmer Times No Comments Share:
 Learn through videos with the Khmer Academy mobile application. It is the first mobile app with an e-learning video platform from the Khmer Academy website.
This app provides lessons in several skills. Cambodian learners can easily access this knowledge since all the contents are provided in the Khmer language. There are many courses provided via the app in IT, high school subjects, various languages and some other subjects. It can make learning easier since the application provides you with tutorial resources through videos.
You can get this application for free on your mobile phone or tablet, and watch videos on both devices.
Moreover, users can also leave comments, questions, and suggestions on each video that they have watched. Your questions will be answered by the author or producer of that video. You can also read comments from other users responding to what you have asked.
This useful mobile application is a significant education platform that accumulates and shares videos with learning materials in the Khmer language to every learner in Cambodia on the Internet. This application is available on both store App store and Google play.

Choosing a lesson

After you have downloaded this app, choose the lessons that you would like to learn which are shown on the screen. Clicking on those lessons will allow you to learn more about the videos. There are many lessons that are provided in this app.

After clicking the lesson you wish

There are a lot of chapters provided in each lesson. Choose what you want to learn. Just click on that particular subject and you will be able to access the video that you want to watch. Enjoy the video tutorials by the producers and authors.

Video tutoring

Each video will teach you a specific point with a short and precise explanation. Most videos are three to seven minutes in length, so you won’t get bored learning what you want to know. You will easily understand these short and clear explanations.

Comments and feedback

After learning by watching these videos, you can leave comments on the videos in order to give more details or ask some more questions on things you are not clear about yet. The author and producer will probably answer your question when you leave them comments. By doing so, you can learn more effectively about the subjects that you wish to study.


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