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2018 Royal Ballet season ‘Memories in Motion’ @ Raffles Hotel Le Royal

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Engly Tuy (Sakura)
Engly Tuy (Sakura)
Khmer classical dance.

The Neak Moneang Phat Kanhol Foundation and Unesco Cambodia organised a press conference to announce the launch of the Royal Ballet Season, with performances open to the public in mid-January. The upcoming Royal Ballet Season will take place on January 12-13 at Chaktomuk Theater. Renowned for its graceful hand gestures and stunning costumes, the Royal Ballet of Cambodia has been closely associated with the Khmer court for more than 1,000 years. It almost disappeared during the war but has now revived thanks to the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts and the support of the Neak Moneang Phat Kanhol Foundation and its chairman, Her Royal Highness Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, former Minister of Culture and First Ballerina. Since 2008, this ancient art is inscribed on the Unesco Representative List of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity. In the past, the Royal Ballet was exclusively performing for sacred rituals; it only recently opened to the public. In Phnom Penh, the Royal Ballet Season in mid-January is the only opportunity for the public to attend this vibrant and gracious show.

Guests with Khmer classical dancers.
VIP guests attend the Royal Ballet Season ‘Memories in Motion’’.
Proeung Chhiveng, a former Rector of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, and Anne Lemaistre of Unesco.
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