Defense minister responds to US over visa restriction

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Tea Banh meets with disabled people today. KT/Ven Rathavong

Defense Minister General Tea Banh responded strongly to the United States which restricted visa for some government officials over the dissolution of the  CNRP.

Speaking at  the National Disabled Persons Day this morning, Gen Banh said that it is their business, so they can do whatever  they want, in reference to the   US state department statement.

He said that the US should consider about its  own affairs with the investigation into the alleged   Russian involvement with the US elections of last year  and what happens in Cambodia as both are based on the rule of law.

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The response came after the US said that it is  taking concrete steps to respond to the Cambodian government’s actions that have allegedly undermined the country’s progress in advancing democracy and respect for human rights over the dissolution of the CNRP and detained opposition leader Kem Sokha.

“In direct response to the Cambodian government’s series of anti-democratic actions, we announce that the Secretary of State will restrict entry into the United States of those individuals involved in undermining democracy in Cambodia, the statement read and added:  “In certain circumstances, family members of those individuals will also be subject to visa restriction.”

“Related to issuance of visa or not, it is their right,” Gen Banh said, adding that this issue will not seriously  harm  the relationship of both sides.

“To me,  this issue will not impact the daily livelihood of people while they are happy to carry on with their business,” he said, adding that the Foreign Ministry will have measures to clarify and respond to this issue.

Earlier in the morning, speaking at the  National Assembly, Interior Minister Sar Kheng said that it is right of United States and declined further immediate comments.

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