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Tos Tenh handbag shop gives back to the community

UY Sovanlongdy / Khmer Times Share:

The bag shop Tos Tenh has a standout collection of fashionable new bags imported from Hong Kong, Thailand and China. Fabulous, stylish handbags made of leather with sparkling and beaded designs, as well as polished fabric, oversized bags, and backpacks, are all offered to fit a modern woman’s lifestyle.

With four years’ experience selling bags, Leang Kimheng, 25, co-founder of Tos Tenh Shop, has made his store one of the leading fashion shops and online vendors in Phnom Penh. He doesn’t see any problem with being a man selling women’s bags; he treats it as a challenge and an opportunity.

“A majority of men use one wallet for several years, in contrast to women, who tend to change bag styles frequently, as many as to two to four times per month,” he said.

Ladies love purchasing bags to add eye-catching beauty, along with their dress, to a variety of occasions and situations such as hanging out, parties, wedding ceremonies, schools or work, he said. He added that young adults under 20 love small and cute bags, while middle-aged customers prefer roomy, brand-name bags.

From observing real-world and well-known online platforms, he has noticed the many up-to-date fashionable bags that loads of women are fond of. But this doesn’t mean his can compete with big online stores.

Mr Kimheng said he attracts customers by establishing relationships and word of mouth. “Besides keeping track of market demand, our store is really focused on delivering the best quality, good service, and fair prices,” he said.

Thoroughly checking the seams, leather, straps, designs and styles of each bag before ordering them, Mr Kimheng ensures the products he posts online are what they appear to be, and provides a fair price with regular discount promotions. He offers packages that look fancy together with watch, key-chains and bag-cleaning materials, which interest consumers. His store offers services such as free delivery and free coffee.

“I have learned from experience,” he said of his challenging life. Working for only $200 per month at a design company, he started learning how to order products from overseas. His first job was selling men’s watches online. Knowing it would not make him prosperous, he changed his business to sell ladies accessories, like bags. This was a big challenge for a start-up business because he needed to collect information from his female friends, set up his own store and spend money travelling to Thailand, the first country he visited to make purchase orders.

Mr Kimheng, who aims to expand his store and import more accessories, shared some advice: “As sellers, we compete with each other, but doing business is not just for profit. We should think of social contributions as well. I donate 2,000 riel from the purchase of every bag to the Kolap 4 Orphanage Cambodia.”

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