Interview tips: Why do you want to work for us?

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Don’t be fooled by the looks of this question. It may seem utterly stupid at a glance, and to demand an obvious answer. But not being prepared can cost you that Cambodian dream job.

It is honestly a very simple question. Why do you want to work for us? Easy! You have a job opening and I need a job. But unfortunately, that answer will not get you the job.

Companies ask this question to understand the amount of effort applicants put into landing the job. To understand if the candidate really needs the job and if he is genuinely interested in contributing to the success of the company.

How to prepare

All it takes to excel in any interview is preparation. So make sure to do your homework before you walk in. The reason you want to work in this specific organisation can be answered in two forms: What you can offer to the company, and what can the company can offer you in return?

The most important thing here is to impress the employer by talking about the ways in which you can contribute to the being well of the company, instead of speaking about the benefits you expect from them.

Step 1: Identify your long term and short term career goals.

When applying for a position, it is important to identify your career goals. You need to first understand yourself in order to determine if you really want to work here and if this is your dream organisation, or the right place to begin or grow your career.
Without this understanding you will not be sure of what you can offer to the company or how well you’ll be able to perform.

Step 2: Do thorough research about the company.

Do not hesitate to spend a few minutes, or even a few hours, to learn about the company. There is so much that you can learn by observing the organisation’s culture, possible challenges it holds, the co-workers, the environment you will be operating in and the employers you will be reporting to, in order to be able to align your goals with the company’s expectations.

When preparing to answer common interview questions like, “Why do you want to work for us,” the best way to earn bonus points is to know everything about the company’s history, its ethics and philosophies. By reading some of the latest press releases you’ll learn about the company’s future goals. To keep up with the company’s latest achievements and changes, you will need to stay connected via their social media pages.

Networking with company heads is an effective form of gaining reliable news about a company. By doing so you’ll be looked upon as a candidate who is genuinely interested in the company.

Step 3: Learn more about the position and construct answers that match your goals with the company’s expectations.

Before moving forward ensure you have a clear idea about your job, the responsibilities that come along with it and your employer’s expectations. This will help you determine if you are able to serve the organisation up to the required standards.

Once you have the above figured out, you can come up with a few sample answers and finally select the most effective one. When constructing answers, make sure that you combine every detail we have mentioned. Your final answer should be a combination of your career goals, how you can achieve employer expectations and why this company is the ideal place for your career growth.

Here is a sample answer we generated for you:

“As a person who strongly believes in hard work and dedication, I thoroughly admire this company for how it has reached the number one position in the market after a rough start. The company has inspired me to never give up in the face of temporary defeat, therefore I believe I can serve the organisation with the same dedication and effort.”

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