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Government hits goals in fight against tuberculosis

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
pacom/Susan Harrington/CC0
pacom/Susan Harrington/CC0

The Health Ministry’s National Centre for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control has claimed success in fighting tuberculosis in the country.

Officials said this success is due to the collaboration between the government and relevant institutions.

The Global Tuberculosis Report for 2017 issued by the World Health Organisation at the end of October stated that in the past 16 years, the number of cases of tuberculosis, as well as the number of deaths, has fallen sharply in Cambodia compared to other countries.

CENAT said that today, the Health Ministry provides screening and treatment for tuberculosis free of charge in 1,372 healthcare locations around the country.

The ministry achieved the Millennium Development Goal set between 1990 and 2015 to reduce the rate of incident, prevalence and mortality of tuberculosis by 50 per cent in 2011, four years before the set date.

The report also said that by the end of 2015, Cambodia was one of nine in 22 countries with severe tuberculosis burden to successfully complete the MDG target.

Ly Sovann, spokesman for the Health Ministry, said on Monday that this success was due to the good leadership of the government and its support to the ministry.

“Most of our people have a better understanding of the disease because CENAT worked hard in training healthcare professionals treating tuberculosis patients,” he said.

“We also require patients to take the medicine in front of healthcare worker to make sure they take it regularly.”

Dr Sovann said the ministry will try its best to reduce tuberculosis further, but cannot eradicate it since it is not the only problem Cambodia is facing.

“We have to try to reduce the rate as much as we can as we set a new strategy every five years,” he said.

In the first nine months of the year, 25,216 cases of tuberculosis were treated by CENAT, similar to the same period in 2016, which saw the treatment of 25,362 cases.

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