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Tourists fined for ‘butt selfie’

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BANGKOK (Reuters) – Thai authorities have fined two American tourists for public indecency for posing for a “butt selfie” in front of a famous Buddhist temple, police said yesterday. The two, who police identified as Joseph Dasilva, 38, and Travis Dasilva, 36, were arrested on Tuesday at an airport in Bangkok. They were each fined 5,000 baht ($154) for baring their buttocks for a picture taken last week at Wat Arun. “The two American citizens have admitted taking the picture,” district police chief Jaruphat Thongkomol said. The two men had an Instagram account called traveling_butts which showcased similar selfies taken around the world. Mr Jaruphat said the two would also be fined for a similar picture taken at another temple. They were being held at an immigration detention center while police considered a possible violation of Thailand’s Computer Crime Act, Mr Jaruphat said.

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