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China to boost training for unions

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
The Chinese Labour Resource Centre for International Cooperation will train staff. Supplied

Chinese and Cambodian authorities have promised to increase human resources training in order to strengthen cooperation between unions and Chinese factory owners in the kingdom.

Labour Minister Ith Samheng earlier this week met with Pheng Yong, the head of the Chinese Labour Resource Centre for International Cooperation.

Mr Yong told the minister he had talked with the Cambodian Federation of Trade Unions about issues between unions and factory owners.

“After discussions, I think that Chinese employers and Cambodian workers should more closely cooperate with each other in order to make their work better,” Mr Yong said.

To this end, Mr Yong agreed to start training in human resources for Cambodian unions early next year.

“There are many Chinese investors in Cambodia today. I think this cooperation will help push all investors and employers to respect working conditions and labour laws of Cambodia.”

The Chinese government will accept members of Cambodian unions for short and long term programmes in China to learn about and improve the labour sector.

Mr Samheng welcomed the plan, as well as “more cooperation with the Chinese”.

The Labour Minister advised Cambodian unions to work hard with the Chinese, because he thought most Cambodian unions will not be welcomed in Europe or the United States due to the current political situation in the country.

“I told unions that the friend you have to stick by is the one with which you have a life-long friendship: China,” Mr Samheng said.

The ministry said about 80 percent of factory owners are Chinese nationals.

Prime Minister Hun Sen will lead a delegation to attend a special summit in Beijing today, where he has pledged to visit Chinese businesses to encourage them to invest in the country, creating more jobs and income for the Cambodian people.

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