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Khmer book review The Secret of boat Number 11

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The Secret of boat Number 11 was written by Mith Sakhon and has been republished with the aim of promoting Khmer literature. This promotion will highlight the work of other authors for the next generation.

The novel is about police investigating a case smartly and diligently. It tells of the courage of police looking for people working work on a ship named Kolab Sor (White Rose) who try to avoid paying taxes.

Police chief Kathikun, the main character, takes risks to track down Kolab Sar.

Its crew are cruel and kill people who damage their interests or get in the way of their objectives. Mr Kathikun dares to do anything – even going to bars and chasing after girls – to investigate cases.

The book says his work goes smoothly because of his strong and united team.

in one scene, police under the command of Mr Kathikun find a small boat with letters from the Khmer alphabet and the number 11 (K-11) on one island where the crew of Kolab Sor work. Mr Kathikun assume that boat number 11 is Kolab Sor.

The story emerges that Mr Kathikun uncovers the truth from a letter left by a girl he rescued named Thavry.

He had known the girl as being in charge of a bar, but later finds out she was involved in the case and was a key person in the Kolab Sor group.

Before she dies she tells Mr Kathikun in the letter that boat number 11 contains lots of valuable things, such as gold, and many weapons.

Boat 11 is due to go to Koh Kong province but she did not tell him who is leader of the Kolab Sor group.

With clues from Ms Thavry, Mr Kathikun and his team are ready to solve the case. The job is done and all the illegal traders are arrested.

The media publicise the great achievements of Mr Kathikun and his team, who are complimented and win the appreciation of people all over the country for their efforts on the case.

This book is available to read at the School Library.

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