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Letter to the Editor

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Two young voters proudly display the ink marks on their fingers after casting their votes in the commune elections. KT/Chor Sokunthea

Dear Sir,

The death of democracy is when populism rules the world and the concept of governance becomes obsolete. It is when democracy becomes absolute and peace become secondary.

It is when freedom is everything, responsibility is none, government is dead, and public order is trivial. It is when ruling from the street is democratic, sacred and untouchable. It is when the three branches of government are in a state of civil war among themselves, trying to hijack one another, bringing deadlock to policy, paralysing state apparatus.

It is when Nigel Farage became the “Hero of Brexit”, leaving Theresa May crying in humiliation and the whole of England becoming clueless trying to clear up the mess while Farage faded away without any responsibility.

It is when the referendum of Catalonia was allowed and then the whole country regretted it and national division was considered less dangerous than the limitation to democracy.

It is when freedom to possess guns is more important than the lives of people dying from mass shootings almost every month and still no one can do anything about it for fear of control or loss of freedom.

Since when have we considered peace as secondary to democracy? Since when have we considered development and prosperity as secondary to democracy?

Since when have we worshipped democracy as a magic stick to settle all issues without government?

When we reached these points, this is the death of democracy.

Soun Nimeth is a Cambodian analyst based in Phnom Penh

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