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Conversion by force denied

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NEW DELHI (AFP) – An Indian woman whose marriage to a Muslim was annulled at her Hindu father’s request has denied she was forcibly converted to Islam, ahead of her testimony in the Supreme Court today. The decision by a local court in May to nullify the marriage and force Akhila Ashokan, 25, to return to live with her parents has caused outrage among women’s rights campaigners. Her father had petitioned the high court in Kerala, claiming she had been forced into it and made to convert to Islam. But the court’s decision was challenged by her former husband in the supreme court.
“I am a Muslim. I was not forced. I want to be with my husband!” the Press Trust of India quoted Ms Ashokan as saying. Ms Ashokan married in December after converting to Islam and changing her name. She has not been allowed to leave her father’s house since the marriage was annulled in May.

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