Miss Earth winners overwhelmed by NagaWorld’s hospitality

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Miss Earth-Air 2016, Miss Michelle Gomez, Colombia; Miss Earth-Air 2017, Miss Nina Robertson, Australia; Miss Earth 2017, Miss Karen Ibasco,  Philippines; Miss Earth Belarus 2017, Miss Polli Cannabis; Miss Earth-Fire 2017, Miss Lada Akimova, Russia;  Miss Earth-Water 2017, Miss Juliana Franco, Colombia with NagaWorld’s Dance Stars performers at Golden Horizon, Naga2 Photos by Jean-Francois Perigois and supplied by NagaWorld

The six winners of various categories of Miss Earth 2017 said that they have been overwhelmed by the hospitality, beauty and architectural wonders of Cambodia and NagaWorld, during their weeklong stay in the country.

Miss Earth reigning queens of 2017 and 2016 enjoying a sumptuous International Seafood buffet spread at 2Pangea, Naga2

Miss Earth 2017, Karen Ibasco who has dual nationality of being Chinese and Filipino said that their host, NagaWorld were extremely gracious in their arrangements and hospitality and had gone out of their way to even schedule a tour to Angkor Wat, flying there via Bassaka Air.

The six delegates of Miss Earth 2017 came from different countries and in various categories such as the Miss Earth 2017 [Philippines],  Miss Earth Fire 2017 [Russia], Miss Earth Air 2016 and 2017 [both from Colombia], Miss Earth Water 2017 [also from Colombia], and Miss Earth Belarus 2017.

A stunning performance at Golden Horizon, Naga2 wowed the beauties.

Ms Ibasco said that the Miss Earth Pageant has been held in the Philippines since 2001 and since NagaWorld is very actively involved in corporate social responsibility works, they could not resist coming to Cambodia to participate in some of the activities.

“We took part in in some of these social activities such as cleaning of schools, tree planting and other activities which are so gratifying to us. We also visited Angkor Wat and that is something which will remain etched in our minds forever because of their amazing heritage structures,” she said.

Having a good time at Club 888 of Naga2

A very good experience indeed and I cannot wait to see more history in Cambodia. We also visited the genocide museum and we learned about the sad history, and glad to know it is over now. However every country had its own history, and it is good that the younger generation can learn what happened in the country.” Ms Ibasco continued.

Ms Ibasco  said that Cambodia has a fascinating history and interesting places of interests such as to the Tuol Tom Pong Market (Russian Market) and the opportunity to taste local delicacies made the trip very memorable.

A friendly welcome by Bassaka Air cabin crew before taking off to Siem Reap


A memorable journey to Siem Reap via Bassaka Air

“When we are back to our respective countries, we will surely inform our friends and people around us about how friendly and kind the people in Cambodia are and where the food is simply delicious. As for myself, I hope I will have the opportunity to return to Cambodia sometime in the near future,” she said.

The Miss Earth 2017 concluded in Pasay City, Philippines on November 4, 2017. A total of 86 contestants took part in the pageant.

Cambodia was represented by 18 year old Em Kun Thong of Sihanoukville.

NagaWorld hosted the Miss Earth delegates throughout their stay in Naga2 and their flight arrangements to Siem Reap was courtesy of Bassaka Air.

Exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Angkor Wat




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