Campaign launched to end childhood violence

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More than 75 percent of children experience violence before adulthood. KT/Mai Vireak

World Vision and the government yesterday launched a five-year campaign to eliminate violence against children at home and at school while publishing a report that showed more than 75 percent of children experienced at least one form of violence before adulthood.

Leng Vireak, World Vision’s associate operations director, said violence against children has a negative impact on their development.

“If we do not pay attention to this, we will together kill the futures of our children and it will impact the overall growth of our nation,” he said during the launch of the “It Takes a World” campaign.

The campaign is part of the five-year global campaign to end violence against children, and includes education and implementation of the law in collaboration with relevant authorities.

KT/Mai Vireak

According to a World Vision report, more than 75 percent of children experienced at least one form of violence before the age of 18, with more than 50 percent abused physically, 25 percent psychologically and five percent sexually.

Additionally, Cambodia suffered an economic loss of $161 million as a health consequence caused by the violence, the report noted.

Secretary of state at the Ministry of Social Affairs Khiev Borey said the government is instituting national policies and working with local officials to help improve the livelihoods of children.

“The solutions to violence against children need coordination and commitment by all government ministries and local authorities, as well as development partners and civil society,” she said. “We hope to see a new generation in which families do not commit violence.”

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