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Good health at your fingertips

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Getting information related to health and emergency on Healthogo mobile application. This application is very useful for users to find hospitals or clinics that can cater to their specific health issue.

This mobile application is a digital platform which allows people to search for trusted health professionals, clinics, and hospitals for treating their health and also health checks. Users can also look for healthcare knowledge from basic healthy living tips to diseases with online consultations with professional health consultants if needed.

There is also health education available on the app which guides users on how to heal and cure users physically and mentally before going to a hospital. Moreover, this application also has the emergency phone number which users can find to use for their need.

For the latest update, a user can also post comments and give feedbacks on the article or hospital which they have been to as well. Healthogo mobile application is available on both Google Play and App Store.

Emergency call function

After users download this informative application, the first function which they will see is an emergency call. Within this function, they will find all the phone numbers of emergency centres in both cities and provinces. There are many types of emergency services which are available in this function. By clicking on the Call emoji, users can directly call to the person or organisation they wish to.

Hospital and clinic finding

The second category of this app is called “Clinic and Hospital”. Within this category, users can find a lot of clinics and hospitals in Cambodia. Additionally, this app also provides the information about the standard of quality as voted by the users. So users can find out which clinic or hospital suits them the most in term of quality and quantity.

Searching function

In order to make this app easier for the user who wants to go or look for a specific place or service, this app also provides search functions. The search function in this app has three main categories such as service type, disease, and location. If users do not know exactly where they want to go to, they can just go with the category which they are most familiar with.

Detailed category

After users have chosen the category, they can see more details on what they want to find. After choosing the service, they will get the information on which hospital or clinic that have the kinds of service that they prefer or are looking for.


The first category of the home screen is the library. In the library of this app, there are a lot of articles available. Those articles mostly focus on health education. Users  will find it useful with these articles if they are conscious about their health.    

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