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Letter to the editor

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Dear Sir,

The Cambodian Supreme Court has issued a verdict to dissolve the Cambodia National Rescue Party based on a complaint and evidence provided by the Ministry of Interior. According to legal experts, the court proceedings were based on civil case procedures. Which means the court proceeded with the hearing based on evidence provided by the defendant (CNRP) and the plaintiff (the Ministry of Interior).

The defendant neither submitted its evidence nor appeared at the hearing to defend itself, so the court made its decision solely based on the evidence from the plaintiff.

There has been a series of reactions from local and international communities.

Many claimed that the decision made by the Supreme Court was the end of democracy in Cambodia.

Per its official statement, United States took its first step against the decision by cutting funding for the 2018 general election and called for the reversal of the decision.

The European Union called for the reversal of the decision and threaten to link the decision to the threat on the fundamental human rights in the kingdom, which goes directly to the violation of a core prerequisite of the EU’s preferential Everything But Arms trade treaty with Cambodia.

In my opinion, the decision is one of the historical decisions made by the CPP.

It’s in a different form but has the same weight as ones done during the late 80s and the 90s. During the late 80s, the CPP leaders took the decision to come to the table of negotiations to bring peace and national reconciliation to Cambodia.

During the 90s, the CPP leaders took decisions and actions to completely eradicate the decades-long civil wars in the kingdom.

Many major, historical decisions made by the CPP in the past 40 years have proven to be the right ones for the country. As for this one, time will tell.

Right now, in my view, all the responsibilities are truly on the CPP’s shoulders. It cannot turn left or right to point the finger at others. I strongly believe that the CPP leaders were fully aware of this fact prior to taking all the steps to reach where we are today.

My deepest hope is that the CPP will take this opportunity to apply real and drastic reforms to continue and maintain its agendas of peace, stability, and development.

Believe it or not, corruption is one of the fundamental causes of every deficiency (which diminishes and blocks the CPP’s own agendas). President Xi of China recognised it when he took office in his first term, and he has taken dramatic measures and actions to eliminate the issue.

I am hoping that the CPP is taking serious steps to deal with the corruption issue in the kingdom.

I still strongly believe in Cambodia.

Sothea Nim,

Cambodian living in Montreal, Canada

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