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Khmer book review Besdong Mohasamot

Reviewed by Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:

“Besdong Mohasamot” was written by Ouch Vutha. This book claimed third place at the Preah Sihanouk Reach literature competition in 1999. The book mainly depicts the struggle of character to the loyalty of love and country.

The author starts by depicting the life of a female character named Sros, who tries to take care of her mum when she gets sick. Although Ms Sros is an outstanding student at school, she has to drop out to fulfill her duty as a good daughter.

At this time, while she is walking along the road to buy medicine for her mother, she meets one of her friends, who is driving in a car with a rich and rude guy named Sakor who has many girlfriends (including the friend). Sros demonstrates much loyalty to and patience with her friend.

She eventually confronts Sakor after he gets her friend pregnant out of wedlock. In this scene, Sros and Sakor get into an argument, as they really detest each other.

Things get worse, as Sros’ mother leaves her instructions to find a man named Sadin – the mother’s sweetheart when she was young – after she passes away. Sros is devastated by the death of her mum. She decides to go to Phnom Penh to find Sadin as she hopes this man can help her to continue her studies.

She finds the house and meets Sadin. He treats Sros like his own child, but she is treated badly by his niece and his son – Sakor. She is always rewarded by Sadin, and that is a reason that his son and niece are jealous of her.

When she is almost finished with high school, she falls in love with a good man named Kosal. Unfortunately, Sakor discovers this relationship, and tells his father that he wants to marry her, but really he is just acting out of vengeance. Sadin agrees and tells Sros to marry Sakor.

Because she is grateful to Sadin, Sros forces herself to marry Sakor. After she marries, she and Sakor go to live in Sihanouk ville, where Sakor works. Sros suffers physically and mentally because she has to serve Sakor and his mistress like a slave.

The mistress only stays with Sakor because of the property he has, and also wants to use him to get gold from him. But when Sros finds this out, she decides to ask Kosal for help. But she is assaulted by Sakor when he finds out that has met her previous boyfriend.

One day she leaves the house while Sakor is at the seaside. In this scene, Sakor is injured because friends of his mistress want to kill him for his money. He is rescued by Kosal, who works as the captain of a ship there. Sakor befriends Kosal and they try to find Sros.

After many scenes in which they try to find Sros and protecting her from the friends of the mistress, the story ends when Sakor meets Sros after he saves her from being shot. Mr Kosal meets a cousin of Sros, who looks similar to her, curing him of his broken heart. They all live happily ever after.

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