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Purge on illegal tuk tuks

Sen David / Khmer Times Share:
Drivers were told to pay for plates to make the vehicles legal. Supplied

Phnom Penh city and government transport officials yesterday issued number plates to tuk tuks after more than 170 of them were impounded for two days.

Municipal police chief Choun Sovann said the India-made vehicles were detected across the city on Friday and Saturday.

“They were breaking traffic laws,” he said.

“When they have a traffic accident or passengers have any problem, how can the authority find information if these tuk tuks have no number plate?

The tuk tuks were caught up in a city-wide sweep. Supplied

“We are also afraid that some tuk tuk drivers could commit a crime.”

He said the law allowed for 30,000 riel ($7.50) fines if tuk tuks did not have number plates.

The authority did not fine these drivers but they had to spend 17,000 riel ($3.50) to get plates.

Transport department official Sam Pieseth urged all tuk tuk drivers without number plates to come and get them.

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