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Man arrested for hacking stepfather

Pav Suy / Khmer Times Share:
The accused was protecting his battered mother. Supplied

Police in Mondulkiri’s Sen Monorom town yesterday arrested a man who allegedly hacked his stepfather with a machete because he was beating his mother.

Cheng Mab, deputy police chief of Sen Monorom town, said: “The story is that his stepfather and his mother had an argument that led to abuse and he could not bear it and hacked his stepfather several times, seriously injuring his arm, which is now broken.”

Mr Mab identified the suspect as Phsaot Savin, 22, whose mother Koy Toan, 43, had been arguing with her husband Riem Sambath, 52.

“The suspect himself was not drunk, but his parents are both alcoholics and normally when they get drunk, they always argue,” he added.

Mr Mab said there were no witnesses to the incident and that the family had provided conflicting accounts of what happened. “When we asked the suspect, he said that his stepfather beat his mother until she lost consciousness,” he said.

“However, when we asked the victim, he said that he only pushed her to the ground and that she was fine.

“It’s hard to believe anyone because when the violence happened, there were only three of them at the house and we don’t have any witnesses, so we can only make a conclusion that the husband pushed her out of the house and that the suspect hacked him from behind.”

Mr Mab said that Mr Savin did not try to flee, but the mother lied to the police that she was the one who hacked the husband.

Police were able to determine the true machete attacker once interviewing the family, which led to a confession from the son.

Mr Mab added that the husband remained in hospital recovering from his injuries and that the son was in police custody.

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