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Dream a little dream

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
The turtles are now living at the pagoda and the man’s dreams have stopped. Supplied

It’s a love story, told in a dream. Two dreams, as it happened.

They came to Kou Kot, a 55-year-old education department official from Kampong Thom province.

Mr Kot, it has to be said, had his doubts about the first dream in which a visitor came to his house and asked if he could move in.

“A dark-skinned man appeared in front of me and told me he wanted to come and live with me because I was a good person,” he said.

“The man, who was more than 100 years old and whose name was Moha Sambath or ‘super wealthy’, said he had been looking for me for many years.”

The next morning, Mr Kot got up and climbed down the ladder of his home.

To his surprise, a large black turtle was at the bottom of the steps.

He brought the turtle inside and gave it some food.

“Three days later, I dreamt of the same man again,” Mr Kot said.

“He told me his wife wanted to join him and asked me to welcome her as well.”

The next morning, Mr Kot discovered another turtle next to the ladder where the first turtle was found.

He brought her inside and watched with curiosity at what unfolded.  “I could not believe my eyes. They moved to close to each other and acted like they wanted to kiss or hug,” he said.

“I fed them and kept them in my house for a few days. I couldn’t afford to feed them any longer so I decided to send them to a pagoda.”

Believing them to be a lucky charm, Mr Kot prayed in front of the turtles before parting with them.

“I did not want to bring them to the lake near my house because I was worried someone would catch them,” Mr Kot said.

Since the turtles had been at the pagoda, he said his dreams had stopped.

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