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Five simple tips to upgrade your resume

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The top five tips to crafting the perfect eye catching resume. Supplied

As the job market gets more and more competitive, the need to differentiate your CV from those of other candidates becomes higher. Here are our top five tips for crafting a perfect eye-catching resume that will get you that interview.

Pay attention to the format

We are not talking about fancy designs here. What you need to have is a creative yet smooth design that is attractive, interesting and pleasant in the prospective employer’s eyes.

The format that you select may vary depending on the nature of the job. If you are applying for a job in a creative field, you might want to showcase your design and editing skills on your CV. But if you are looking into a more serious job, a simple, minimalistic yet attractive format will suffice.

Feature only relevant information

Traditionally, resumes are limited to one page (maximum two) and employers tend to allocate approximately six to eight seconds to go through a single resume. This leaves you with very limited space to make a lasting impression and your CV should be an attention grabber.

The key is to identify the information that is relevant to the job you are applying for, like your past work experience in the industry or significant projects that you have handled. You could refer to your job description to identify what information is worth adding.

Avoid using paragraphs to explain biographical details because employers will not invest time reading whole paragraphs about you. Instead, use bullet points and short sentences for better understanding, enabling recruiters to grasp as much information as possible in the least amount of time.

As we mentioned above, competition for landing jobs has risen dramatically, which means that you need to find new ways to impress recruiters.

Thinking about activities that you have taken part in, which elevate the value of your resume? Make sure to include voluntary events and workshops that you attended to display your knowledge and experiences in many fields and not just in your industry.

Highlight your soft skills

According to online sources like, emotional intelligence is a concept that is gaining popularity and the biggest concern among employers when hiring new employees in 2017.

Being able to perform your job well or having educational qualifications that are only related to your industry isn’t sufficient anymore.

Employers are now directed towards hiring people with leadership qualities, who are able to work in teams and build strong relationships with clients while solving problems and being result oriented.

In the section where you speak about work experience, don’t forget to mention charity work, sports activities or any voluntary social work that you have done.

You can also provide evidence of emotional intelligence in your skills section. List a couple of people-related skills and give a brief description as to how you have managed to hone these soft skills.

Quantify achievements

Your information becomes more relevant and useful once you quantity it. Quantifying achievements also gives recruiters a better understanding about your capabilities and makes it easier for them to determine if you are a perfect fit for the company. For example, if you mention that you increased sales, mention it in terms of a percentage increase and provide a timeline.

Know your keywords

When you have very limited space to showcase your experience, skills, interests and talk about yourself as well, it is quite natural to get confused when it comes to communicating the information effectively.

Keywords are crucial to make your resume relevant to the job description and the organisation. Especially if you are uploading your CV to job portals, keywords are extremely important. Read up on topics like search engine optimisation and identify the terms frequently used by recruiters.

But don’t worry if you get confused. You can simply get in touch with us and request a customised resume or even check out our blog posts to get a better understanding as to how you can create the perfect resume.

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