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Emerging talent

Say Tola / Khmer Times Share:
Vor Savorn, a dancer and Roneat player. KT/Say Tola

At the age of 13, Vor Savorn stumbled by chance on a group of young dancers during a training session.

Watching them as she lay in the building’s gateway, she decided she would like to become a dancer one day.

As luck would have it, when she went back to school she came across an announcement calling for new dance students, and she was on the path to making her dream come true.

After a few years of training, Ms Savorn, 24, was allowed to perform on stage. Learning to become a dancer was painful, she confessed, but she never lost her passion for the performing arts.

“I have been involved with classical arts for about 10 years now, she said “I was lucky enough to receive a lot of encouragement from my parents. This motivated me to study the roneat, a classical Khmer musical instrument.”

As a classical artist, Ms Savorn has noticed that most young people are attracted to modern, foreign art forms, but says she understands that people have different ways of expressing themselves. However, she just wants them to think about the need to preserve traditional Khmer arts so that they don’t disappear.

Currently, Ms Savorn is a classical dance instructor. She hopes that her work can help those who have a strong passion like her keep the classical arts alive.

She also wants to see Cambodians value and understand their cultural heritage.

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