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Plane-sized ‘void’ in pyramid

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This handout 3D artistic view made by the ScanPyramids mission shows a hidden internal structure in Khufuís Pyramid, the largest pyramid in Giza. Scientists have found, but not yet examined, a mysterious, Boeing-sized "void" in the Great Pyramid of Egypt -- a fourth cavity besides the already-known king and queen's "chambers" and Grand Gallery. AFP/NATURE PUBLISHING GROUP AND ScanPyramids mission

PARIS (AFP) – A passenger plane-sized “void” has been discovered in the middle of the Great Pyramid of Egypt, where it has lain secret and untouched for 4,500 years, scientists revealed yesterday. The space is one of four cavities now known to exist inside the giant monument. “It is big,” said co-discoverer Mehdi Tayoubi of the ScanPyramids project. “It’s the size of a 200-seater airplane, in the heart of the pyramid,” Mr Tayoubi said of the discovery, published in science journal Nature. The cavity is the first major structure found inside the Great Pyramid since the 19th century, the research team said. “There have been many theories about the existence of secret chambers inside the pyramid,” said Mr Tayoubi. ”But none have predicted anything this big.”

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