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Two hurt as gas cannister explodes

Mom Kunthear / Khmer Times Share:
One of the victims is carried away for treatment. Supplied

Two people were injured yesterday when a gas container exploded while they were frying meatballs at the former grounds of Dreamland Park during the first day of the Water Festival.

According to a police report, the small can of gas exploded when the vendor was frying meatballs at about 2pm to sell to revellers.

Ra Sreyleak, 20, and her niece Thy Molika, 6, were sent to hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

Sam Saron, who witnessed the incident, said that the victims’ bodies were burned by fire and hot oil, but not too seriously.

“When I heard the gas explosion, I went to see the victims,” he said. “The girl was crying a lot because she was hurt.”

Mr Sarorn said that bystanders helped the victims, pouring cold water on their wounds, before they were sent to hospital.

On Tuesday, City Hall banned drones and advised food sellers and balloon sellers not to use gas containers among crowds during the festival.

Authorities cited possible malfunctions and explosions as the reason for the ban.

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