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Fashion designer found an unusual path to success

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Men Seyha, young fashion designer. Supplied

During his years as a modelling coach, Men Seyha found himself developing a passionate interest in fashion design. It wasn’t his first ambition, but as he spent more time instructing his models he began to think about creating fashions that fitted them. He began to dream of becoming a fashion designer.

When Mr Seyha attended a fashion-related event, he always tried to learn about the designs, approaching designers and asking them for recommendations. He built networks, which eventually helped him along his path to becoming a designer.

Recalling his curiosity about learning design, Mr Seyha, a current fashion designer at Victoria Santini said, “It is not easy to learn design by email from a foreign designer [in this case, in the Philippines], since my English is limited. I didn’t know how to draw samples and patterns. However, I kept studying with that designer as well as on YouTube.”

Mr Seyha said he was not like other designers, as he always practised by buying fabric from markets and embroidering them without any professional instruction. It required patience and perseverance, yet he eventually managed to display his first 15 gown designs in a collection at the Audi Showroom in 2016.

“I learned from all my experiences, including failures, until I achieved success. Before I knew only embroidering, but then I learned colouring and how to make my fashions attractive,” Mr Seyha said.

He added that most of his designs are prepared from high-class style and people can wear them to events like weddings or parties. He added that what sets his designs apart are that all his decorations are handmade and not easy to copy. Every piece requires patience and perseverance to complete.

For the upcoming fashion show “Sun & Moon,” he has prepared outfits that people can wear for working and shopping, with designs that are seasonal. Also, he says, he puts a priority on uniqueness, so people will find his new designs entertaining.

Having started with no knowledge of design, Mr Seyha said that courage was one crucial factor that pushed him to achieve the success he enjoys today.

“I don’t have a degree in design, but my fashions can still be well known. Being brave and courageous is a factor that helped me achieve success, although I didn’t have money,” Mr Seyha said.

He said that the popularity of his designs increased when some models wore them in modelling competitions including Miss Universe Cambodia 2017 and Miss Earth Cambodia 2017.

Mr Seyha’s designs have been worn by many famous models including Chan Kongka, Prasat Davin, Hang Soriyan and Bee Sotheary, Miss Universe Cambodia 2017. Not content with this level of success, Mr Seyha said he had cooperative partner in America “Themy Chin” and he wants his fashion shown on the international stage. He also wants to open a fashion boutique in the future, featuring his own designs and decorations.

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