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The Fruitcake Special and Other Stories

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“It was the fruitcake special! Intrigue might smell great, but it didn’t make a girl attractive to men. But my fruitcake perfume did,” said Anna while on an unfortunate date with her boss, who rarely laid eyes on her.

Anna did not think of herself as an attractive woman. She was just a chemist at a perfume factory, but she liked her job and the interesting aspects of it. Her main task was to create new fragrances, and normally, she did that with flowers.

But miracles occur on their own timetables. One day, breaking the rules and aimlessly throwing in a piece of fruitcake instead of flowers into the mix, she unexpectedly obtains a special perfume, which makes men fall hard for her.

Anna is totally astounded to learn that she has created a powerful perfume. She began to question that fruitcake she got from her mum until she finally got to the bottom of it.

The story continues as she learns that the cake was bought from an old lady at the open-air market. She had seven husbands and all of them ate her fruitcake.

What will Anna do once she learns the secret of what is inside that fruitcake and will she finally find her true life partner before her 28th birthday?

Author Frank Brennan tackles the theme of discovery in “The Fruitcake Special” and the other four stories he wrote for this book.

From the enchanting perfume of the title story to life-changing hypnosis, an intelligence-boosting drug, a thought-revealing book and finally a whistle that pauses time, you won’t be able to put this book down until you finish each of the five stories.

Either by intention or by chance, you will find it hard to believe that such discoveries can exist in this universe. On the other hand, the book is worth reading if you like the thrill and adventurous feeling of discovering new perspectives about life.

Author Frank Brennan

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