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Skull oldest tsunami victim

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An undated and unplaced handout photo recieved from the Univerisity of New South Wales shows a 6,000 year-old skull found in Papua New Guinea that is likely the world's oldest known tsunami victim. AFP/UNIVERSITY OF NEW SOUTH WALES/ARTHUR DURBAND

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A mysterious partial skull unearthed in Papua New Guinea in 1929 that once was thought to belong to an extinct human species now turns out to have another unique distinction. Scientists believe it belongs to the oldest-known human tsunami victim. Researchers said new examinations of the sediments where the 6,000-year-old skull was found detected hallmarks of a tsunami, with a composition very similar to the remnants of a deadly 1998 tsunami that lashed the area. The skull was discovered near the town of Aitape, about 12km inland from Papua New Guinea’s northern coast. It is one of the earliest human remains from the island of New Guinea.

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