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Phnom Penh from above at night

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KT/Fabien Mouret

Phnom Penh is now a city that comes alive after dark, and its many buildings and features look different from above.

Khmer Times photographer Fabien Mouret flew his drone over some of the capital’s brightest areas this week and captured views of the city few have ever seen, even from a plane.

KT/Fabien Mouret

The popular tourist haunt the riverside and the 39-storey Vattanac Tower are shown above, while top right is Wat Phnom, the ancient temple which gave the city its name.

KT/Fabien Mouret

The city’s only legal casino, NagaWorld, is below on the far right, with its new hotel which is due to open soon nearby.

KT/Fabien Mouret

Below in the centre is Koh Pich, otherwise known as Diamond Island, with its boardwalk lit up next to the water and its entertainment area featuring rides for children in the middle. The boardwalk at Diamond Island now connects to the riverside and has proved to be very popular with tourists as well as locals.

KT/Fabien Mouret

The large, bright building below is the Council of Ministers on Russian Federation Boulevard, which is the seat of power for the government.

KT/Fabien Mouret

One of the biggest and most positive changes in Phnom Penh in the past decade is a reliable supply of electricity.

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