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Fitness trainer keeps herself, others healthy and happy

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Chhum Phallay quit a well paying job to work as a trainer and fitness coach at Mepla Private Fitness because she was looking for inner peace. Being a trainer isn’t easy, yet it makes her happy as she believes it allows her to help people.

Speaking with conviction, Ms Phallay said she had found the best path for herself by doing this work. Although some people might not value it, she is proud of the positive feedback she has received from her workout group.

“My workout group always tells me that attending my class helps them release their stress. I feel that I am helping people and it keeps me motivated,” Ms Phallay said.

Ms Phallay said maintaining good health depends about 20 percent on working out and 80 percent on eating healthy food. People should avoid sugar and cholesterol, she said.

“It is hard at first for those who aren’t used to working out. Their muscles will hurt for one to two weeks. This is one reason that I include yoga in the class for the last 15 minutes, so that they can reduce the pain. The muscle pain makes even breathing and moving hard.”

After working out, Ms Phallay said the body needs protein and vitamins to rejuvenate.

Getting in shape makes people more confident about speaking to others. Attending class also helps them network, she said, because she always tells her workout group to pair up on exercises.

Understanding that most people have busy work schedules, Ms Phallay suggests people work out at least twice a week. People should prioritise their health because it affects everything in life, she said.

“Work is important, goals are more important, and life is the most important thing to all human beings. However, if our health is bad, none of us can achieve our goals. We may have the desire, but we won’t have the energy,” she said.

She suggests people balance work and health activities. She said some people might say it is too hard to fit it into their schedules, but she thinks that has more to do with poor time management.

Mepla Private Fitness also has a private fitness training service, as well as workouts and yoga classes. In private training, you can have a personal coach work exclusively with you to achieve your fitness goal with a two-month programme.

Each class is 50 minutes. Trainers also offer advice on eating healthily. There is also a group class offering aerobics and yoga that people can join in with to have fun together.

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